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Our top 5 lakes for a family hike

Accessible hikes

The Pyrenees offer many exceptional lakes, and you can walk or be transported up their slopes to admire this delicate natural environment. We’’ve selected 5 lakes accessible to all, children and grown-ups, seasoned athletes or Sunday ramblers. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to fun days out for the family.

Suyen Lake

Suyen Lake, the first high mountain lake in the Azun Valley, is located in the Pyrenees National Park. At the end of the Route du Tech, you’ll come to the Plaa d’Aste car park. This is where your hike starts, just follow the signs. You should find it easy to reach the altitude of 1,535 m. Was the walk too short (1 hr 30 round trip)? You can continue after the waterfall to admire the Toue de Doumblas, a shepherd’s hut made of stone.

How to get there

Estom Lake

Estom Lake is located in the Lutour Valley at an altitude of 1,804 m. From the La Fruitière car park in Cauterets, you can reach the lake on foot in 1 hr 45 mins or 2 hrs, with an elevation gain of 450 m. The last few metres are the most challenging but you’ve done harder hikes, keep going!

Getting there

Artouste Lake

Take a seat in the gondola lift (15 minutes) and admire the scenery until you reach the departure station for the Little Train of Artouste. Well, not that little as it is the highest such train in Europe, at 2,000 m in altitude! Let this sightseeing train carry you through the Pyrenean countryside while you gaze upon the majestic mountains surrounding you. Finally, after alighting, it’s just a 20-minute walk to Artouste Lake.