Reflets sur le lac de Gaube au dessus du Pont d'EspagneCauterets Ete 30 ©m. Pinaud 2014
©©m. Pinaud

Gaube Lake

At the foot of the Vignemale

Just 37 km from Lourdes, Gaube Lake is one of the most charming lakes in the valley. Accessible to all, it appeals to children and grown-ups alike.

An easy family hike in the Pyrenees

This easy hike allows everyone to roam the mountain in protected, safe countryside, and reach the lake having accomplished the day’s mission. What’s more, if you prefer, you can take the chairlift for the ascent and then you will only have 15 minutes left to walk. Dogs are only allowed to access the site by chairlift. On the way up, just look around you to see the Pyrenean animal and plant life, and if you’re lucky, you might see marmots, the representatives of the Pyrenees. You and your family are sure to treasure these memories forever.

Plan your day at the lake

Coming to Cauterets from Lourdes?

The Pont d’Espagne is only a 45 min drive from Lourdes. You can start your hike at the car park.

There is also a bus route departing from the SNCF train station:

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