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In the Pyrenees

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Unwind near Lourdes

Very early in human history, as far back as Antiquity, water was recognised for its curative and health-giving properties. The springs of the Pyrenees were already renowned in Gallo-Roman times. Villages then sprang up around these water sources, followed by the medical and recreational facilities we see today. Hautes-Pyrénées has become one of the top departments in France for spa resorts, such as Argelès-Gazost, Cauterets, Luz and Barèges. Set off from Lourdes to discover these health-giving waters!


Around fifteen kilometres from Lourdes, make your first stop on the spa route: the Jardin des Bains welcomes you in its particularly serene Zen atmosphere, with green plants and decorations from faraway lands. It has a main pool where families can splash around with the kids, and a much quieter area with baths on various themes (music, scents) so everyone can find something to enjoy!

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