Tourte des Pyrénées aux Halles de Lourdes
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Pyrenean gastronomy

Halles de Lourdes

The Halles de Lourdes covered market awaits you with a wide range of local products to discover. The bright colours and scents mingle with the tones of the Pyrenean accent.

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Pyrenean gastronomy

If there’s one place you really must visit in central Lourdes, it’s the Halles de Lourdes ! Its remarkable architecture is eye-catching. Step through its gates and discover all the gastronomic expertise of the local area. You can meet producers and traders who will be delighted to show you all the specialities of the Pyrenees. Let the scents and colours on the stalls guide you, and immerse yourself in the heart of Pyrenean gastronomy

Must-try specialities

Sweet or savoury, there’s something to discover on every stall. At the fishmongers, take the time to discover Pyrenean trout and its surprising possibilities. On the butchers’ and charcuterie stalls, emblematic products have pride of place, like Barèges lamb, our must-try duck and exceptional Noir de Bigorre pork
On the market gardeners’ stalls, discover the Tarbais bean, which goes wonderfully with Pyrenees lamb and of course garbure.
The cheesemongers will gladly introduce you to fabulous specialities like Tomme des Pyrénées. Be sure to drop by the patisserie stands and discover the famous gâteau à la broche, the Pyrenean festive spike cake served. Unless you prefer to indulge in a slice of the local pie, the tourte des Pyrénées
You can also taste our local wines like Madiran or Jurançon, unless a local beer is more to your liking… to be enjoyed responsibly, of course!

Halles de Lourdes
Halles de Lourdes
Halles de Lourdes
Did you know ?

Located in the town centre, the Halles de Lourdes are a perfect example of late 19th-century metal architecture and originally come from the Marché de la Pierre in Toulouse. Initially built in the “Pink City”, they were later sold to the town of Lourdes and rebuilt on Place du Champ Commun.

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