Cauterets Pont d'Espagne

At the edge of the Pyrenees National Park, the Pont d’Espagne (1 496 m) is a protected corner of the countryside where you can discover the most beautiful waterfalls that can be seen in Hautes-Pyrénées.

It gives access to two major valleys that are worth exploring on foot: the Marcadau valley, where the high prairies give way to a wonderful landscape of pleasant lakes and peaks, and the Gaube valley, with a lake that can be reached by chair lift. The top end of the valley leading to the lake is closed off by the north face of the Vignemale, the culminating point of the mountain range on the border with Spain.

Access to the Pont d’Espagne:

From Cauterets, go in the direction of La Raillère (1 135 m), (see the waterfalls of Lutour et Cerisey), and park your coach in the Pont d’Espagne’s parking facilities. There you can take one of the “green” cable cars from the Puntas to the Clot plateau, and take the chair lift to Gaube Lake.

Access to Gaube Lake:

Path starting from the Pont d’Espagne, or chair lift. A classic walk for all the romantics who visited the “waters” of Cauterets, Gaube Lake is accessible to all walkers (1 hour’s walk). In the waters of Gaube lake you can see the reflection of the highest peak in the Pyrenees: the Pic du Vignemale (3 298). Be sure to respect its dual nationality, as this great “Lord” lies on the border between France and Spain.