The GR101

Created in 2002, the Chemin de l'Ouest de Bigorre (GR101) now allows hikers on the GR653 "Chemin d'Arles" or in the north of the department to get from Maubourguet to the town of Lourdes, then the GR10.

This new 65 km section carries on from the GR101 which already connects the Pyrenean piedmont (Lourdes) to the mid-mountain area (GR10).

This itinerary acts as a link between the plain and the mountain. It offers a wide range of landscapes, showing all the diversity of the Hautes-Pyrénées department, and is accessible all year round.

The descriptive guide to the GR101 is available from the CDRP65 at Maubourguet Tourist Office or Lourdes Tourist Office.

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