Madiran wine gained recognition in the 12th century, with the arrival of the Benedictine monks at Madiran Abbey.
It became a mass wine and its fame soon spread far and wide, thanks to the pilgrims who travelled to Santiago de Compostela.
Francis I and the Court of England made it a real “Lords’ Wine”.
With 1 300 hectares of vines, straddling 3 departments, Madiran is a hillside vineyard. This deep-coloured, tannic wine is full-bodied and ages well. It makes the perfect accompaniment to the traditional dishes and cheeses of our land.
It can be tasted on producers’ premises or in the sector’s cooperative cellars.


The first documented wine transaction at the Abbey of Saint Vincent (Lucq de Béarn) dates back to 988.
In 1552, Henry II of Albret bought a vineyard in Jurançon, but it was on 12 December 1553 that Jurançon entered France’s history in style, when the future King Henry IV was baptized with Jurançon.
Dry or sweet white wines, spirited and generous wines with aromas of grapes, broom flowers, with a hint of exotic fruit. This golden, deep and lively wine ages remarkably well.
It is recommended as an aperitif, traditionally served with goose or duck liver, either fresh or in confit, and sheep’s cheese.

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