Typical products and dishes

Regional produce


“Tarbais” bean

Long, white and flat, this is considered to be the tastiest of bean varieties. It owes its refinement to the quality of the soil, the shady areas where it sprouts, its thick skin and its flesh that melts in the mouth

Trebons onion

This onion has an elongated shape and grows to 15 to 20 centimetres, with an exceptional sugar content.

Pyrenees trout

The original species (Fario), or the more recently introduced species (Rainbow), which you can fish for in our mountain lakes and rivers or buy from local fishmongers, are our traditional festive dish.

Pyrenees lamb

The lambs are born to mothers from local rustic breeds, then raised in a sheep barn and fed mainly with milk from their mothers for a minimum of 70 days, along with fodder and cereals. Its meat is light, pink and tender. Serve with Tarbais beans.

Pyrenees chestnut

You can’t avoid the chestnut, which features in many dishes, especially when cooked by the “Pope” of Pyrenean Gastronomy: Jean-Pierre Saint Martin.

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Some typical dishes



A nourishing vegetable and bean soup, with confit and the famous “camayou” (boned leg of ham) cooked in it, this takes a good hour to prepare and a full day to cook slowly. The recipe for garbure differs from one valley to another. Traditionally, people used to add red wine into the hot plate (“faire chabrot”).


These are a Hauts-Pyrénées classic. Made from duck or goose and preserved in their fat, they are served at any special occasions or when a friend comes round, along with cep mushrooms or “Tarbais” beans.

Duck or goose

In foie gras, confits, stews, salmis, pâtés, rillettes, smoked duck breasts… The tradition of breeding and force-feeding is very widespread here, as it is all across the south-west.


This is a corn flour-based pastry eaten in the local countryside: slow-cooked in the cauldron and patiently stirred with a long wooden spoon, this used to form the entire evening meal. It is served at some of our best restaurants.
All these products are available from Les Halles in Lourdes and various regional produce shops in town