Traditional pastries and confectionery

Gâteau à la broche

Brought back from the Balkans in the early 19th century by peasant conscripts from the Empire’s armies, this cake soon caught on all over our countryside and was served at all our celebrations and weddings.
The cake is made from pancake batter with added eggs, butter and sugar, and cooked for several hours on a spit in a hearth over hot coals, on a cone with a base measuring from 12 to 20 cm and a length of 30 to 60 cm.

Cailloux du gave

Cailloux du gave are fruit-flavoured boiled sweets

Malespine Pastilles

These sweets come from the Malespine pastille factory and are pastilles made with water from the Grotto of Lourdes, icing sugar, and natural mint, lemon or aniseed flavours.

Flocon des Pyrénées

This recent creation is a fine chocolate with a fine, white dusting that is crunchy and sweet. These sweets are on sale at confectioners’ or other shops in the town.

All these products can be found in the shops of Lourdes and at the daily market.