A major pilgrimage site from the 12th century onwards, the town of Rocamadour is built into the side of a cliff and receives no fewer than 1 million pilgrims and visitors each year...

In the Middle Ages, the religious town of Rocamadour was one of the major pilgrimage sites of the Christian West. The famous Black Virgin, who was venerated for her miracles in the miracle chapel of Our Lady, has been the object of renewed devotion since the 19th century The sanctuaries of Rocamadour, which can be reached via the Grand Escalier (Rue des Degrés), a flight of steps that goes up to the town centre to give access to the square, nestle against the sheer rocky drop of the limestone plateau. The semi-troglodytic sanctuaries were built in the 12th century in the steep, narrow space of a rocky terrace.

Don’t miss these on your visit to Rocamadour:

  • The Basilica of Saint Savior
  • The Chapel of Our Lady, where you can see the wooden statue of the Black Virgin
  • The Grand Escalier…

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