The Cathedral of Saint Cecilia in Albi

Albi Cathedral is the largest brick cathedral in the world. This peerless monument asserts its power and boasts an exceptional interior that makes it a real museum of Christian art.

Sainte Cécile - Albi

Standing on high ground in the town, as if on a pedestal, the Cathedral of Saint Cecilia in Albi is a testimonial to the Christian faith after the Cathar heresy. It is the perfect affirmation of the South European Gothic style.

It was part of the defence system that included the Berbie Palace, and at the time could hold 6 000 residents of Albi in the event of danger.

For 2 centuries, from 1282 to 1493, clay was extracted from the Tarn to make the bricks from which it was built.
It surprises visitors, who often compare it to a real “castle fort”.


Open all year round.





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