Voyage into the depths of the Pic du Jer

The guided tour through the highest visitor caves in France will take you through the remarkable underground galleries of the Pic du Jer, along a 360 m-long, easy-access path

Galerie des grottes du Pic du Jer

20,000 years ago, at the end of the Ice Age, the water from the melting glaciers infiltrated and hollowed out the Pic du Jer at its summit. Rocky debris was deposited and blocked the entry to the caverns, leaving a passage of only several meters into the mountainside.

Work was undertaken to link up the various natural crevices and cavities situated beneath the Pic.

The network has been open to the public since 1958.

Tour programme

Our guide will give you a running commentary of the 11 chambers, lasting around 40 minutes.

She will point out to you the remarkable geological formations, and the most ancient ones (stalactites, stalagmites and curtains).

You are sure to be impressed by the chasms, one of which is 45 m deep. You will pass in front of massive flaws in the rock, testifying to the formation of the Pyrenees. The geological history of the region will be as an open book to you.

On leaving the gallery, your guide will tell you all about the surrounding landscapes, to round off this rewarding discovery of the underground world.


Guided tour times


23 March to 5 July: 11:10am; 1:40pm; 2:40pm; 3:40pm; 4:40pm
6 July to 9 September: 11:10am; 1:40pm; 2:40pm; 3:40pm; 4:40pm; 5:40pm
10 September to 4 November: 11:10am; 1:40pm; 2:40pm; 3:40pm; 4:40pm


Adult: €4
Young person (12 to -18) and student: €3.50
Child: €3

Group rates (15 persons minimum)
Adult : 3.50€
Young person : 3.00€
Child : 2.50€

Additional informations

Average temperature: 11°C (warm clothing advised)

Accessible to manual wheelchairs.

Dogs on a leash are admitted.

Languages of visit: French, English, Spanish and Italian

Flyers in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Polish, Slovak and Croatian