Bernadette Soubirous, le cachot de LourdesBernadette Soubirous, le cachot de Lourdes
©Bernadette Soubirous, le cachot de Lourdes|Office de Tourisme de Lourdes
Explore the history of the Apparitions

In the footsteps of Bernadette Soubirous

Learn about the history of the Lourdes Apparitions by following in Bernadette Soubirous‘ footsteps. Discover the town by visiting the places where she lived and studied.

A history trail

Following in Bernadette’s footsteps in Lourdes is a chance to discover the places that were familiar to her: the mill where she was born, the Moulin de Boly, the gloomy Cachot, a former dungeon where she lived with her family including at the time of the apparitions in 1858, the Hospice where she was educated by the Sisters of Nevers and where she took First Communion, the parish church where you can still see the baptismal font used at her christening, the old Presbytery where she met Abbot Peyramale, and Bartres, where she lived twice, as a very young child and at the age of 13 in 1857. Lastly, the Maison Paternelle, known as the Moulin Lacadé, was home to Bernadette’s parents after the apparitions.

Did you know ?

The Bernadette de Lourdes show tells the story of the Apparitions witnessed by Bernadette Soubirous. This musical is performed in Lourdes in season.
Be sure to catch it during your time in Lourdes!

Stopping over

Places to stay in Lourdes

As a tremendously important spiritual centre, Lourdes is the chosen starting point for many pilgrims. Its accessibility by train, plane or bus and its numerous accommodation facilities make it an essential stopover where you can plan and begin your journey. Lourdes has various types of accommodation: from small hotels to bed and breakfasts through residences with kitchenettes where you can cook your own meals, find the best option for your stay.