Randonneurs au Pic Du JerRandonneurs au Pic Du Jer
©Randonneurs au Pic Du Jer |Pierre VINCENT

5 Unmissable walks

Go on a hike from Lourdes

Feel like a walk? Want to discover Lourdes from a new angle, on a hike?
Put on your boots, fasten your laces and discover our selection of walks and hikes in the area around Lourdes…

The Pic du Jer trail

To reach greater heights, hit the Pic du Jer trail for a hike with views over the Lourdes and the towns around Hautes-Pyrénées. After walking for 1 hr 30 mins, there you are at the top of the Pic du Jer, where a place to eat awaits you. You can continue the hike up to the summit following the botanical trail, which is dotted with information signs describing the trees and shrubs around you.
At the top, savour the 360° view of the town and the Pyrenees mountains.


The Pic du Béout trail

Not as tall as the neighbouring Pic du Jer, the Béout culminates at 719m. Set off on this historical and wilder family hike through fern-covered moorland. Up there, amateur photographers will love the various viewpoints over Lourdes, the Batsurguère Valley and the surrounding peaks…


The Green Path

From Tarbes to Lourdes, the Green Path (Chemin Vert) will take you to discover the alluvial plain of the Echez, a tributary of the Adour, and the Pyrenean piedmont while revealing the typical towns and villages of Hautes-Pyrénées: Adé, Juillan, Lanne, Louey… A nice walk to get to know the locals.