Vététistes en Vallées des Gaves aux portes de LourdesC Ringeval Altamonta (7)
©De nombreux itinéraires VTT sont accessibles au départ de Lourdes|C Ringeval Altamonta
The PyreneesThe ideal place for cyclists

Bike ride through the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees are famous for welcoming the Tour de France every year, revealing legendary mountain passes known for their jutting slopes and challenging elevations! But the Pyrenees, and Pays de Lourdes in particular, also offer an unspoilt natural environment, with secluded roads where cyclists can enjoy exploring the villages and Pyrenean heritage. The Gaves Greenway, a cycle path along the Gave de Pau between Lourdes and Gavarnie, makes for a refreshing and re-energising bike ride. You can also discover little tucked-away spots by following 4 marked cycling itineraries, starting from the Greenway. Ideal for electric bikes!